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Iron BridgeAbout Us

Company brief portrait of IRON BRIDGE LOGISTICS


About Us

Iron Bridge Freight Logistics aka IBF Logistics, LLC is a renowned third-party logistics transportation company located in the capital city of Georgia, Atlanta. We at IBF, deliver the industry’s leading and world-class logistical services at low and affordable costs that aim at increasing the efficiency with which we provide trustworthy services to our customers across the boundaries of North America, without having to burn a hole through their pockets. 

The carriers that we provide, offer a comprehensive and an all-inclusive equipment, as well as a variety of essential features such as Dry Vans, Flatbeds, Bulk Cargo, Heavy Equipment and Temperature-Controlled transportation. The quality, authenticity and experience of our carriers is what establishes the relationship that we share and build with our customers. The inerrant service that we deliver to our clients defines who we are, and what we stand for in this industry.

IBF Logistics is licensed, bonded and strives to meet as well as exceed all federal DOT requirements. Along with being certified, we have several years of combined experience in the trucking and freight industry, using which, our adept staff ensures to negotiate the best rates for you and provide solutions for all your freight transportation needs. Our purpose is to offer what is available in the best quality, at the best price. And in order to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied with our claims, goals and results, we provide- driver communication, load consolidation and a 24/7 customer service from our professed staff within the four walls of our office and behind the wheels. Our service providers are passionate about providing full guaranteed and relentless commitment to the customers. This helps us ensure best possible service quality. We provide clients with solutions specially tailored for their requirements. And hence, we can proudly claim that whenever or wherever you need us, we are always here to assist you for your logistic needs. Our professional results are backed by hallmark services.

Our Strength

We make sure to screen the carriers, monitor the shipments, and maintain strict guidelines to ensure the best security of your shipment. We take care of all the small details in the process so that any possibility of damage is eliminated and everything runs smoothly. Our broad range of product handling services, recognized service quality, and enhanced innovative solutions make us one of the key players in the supply chain market. IBF Logistics ensures operational excellence and the best possible client service.  

What makes us stand out in this wide logistics market is the dependability we mete out for each and every one of our customers. IBF Logistics is a brand that you can rely on. Our emphasis on excellence is what makes us win in the supply chain market. IBF Logistics is a name that is always committed to helping its clients overcome their logistical constraints. With our experience and expertise in this field, understanding what our customers need becomes so much easier. To provide you with complete satisfaction, we make sure to respect and follow all the laws and regulations and uphold our ethical values as well. We create the trust that makes up our reputation as unarguably the best.

Our Strengths:

  • Financially stable leader in the logistics industry
  • Trusted TIA member
  • Latest tracking technology for secure pickup and delivery
  • Experienced management and staff for quick and safe decisions
  • 5000 + carrier database
  • Daily carrier compliance & fraud monitoring
  • FMSCA compliance
  • Quick Pay and Fuel Advance
  • Timely Carrier Payment with average 11 days to pay invoices
  • Broker Bond Provided
  • Carrier screening and shipment monitoring
  • 24/7 customer service from experienced staff
  • Driver communication and Load consultation
Key Person

IBFLogistics Team

Yohannes Gari Gerba
Yohannes Gari Gerba

Direct: +1 678-257-4150 ext.(404)

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Anthony S

Direct: +1 678-257-4150

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Mike J

Sales & Dispatch
Direct: +1 678-257-4150 ext. (402)

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Kenneth B

Direct: +1 678-257-4150

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The history of dynamic and progressive thinking

IBF Logistics history has been characterized by far-reaching decisions and progressive thinking. It is a story of a dynamic, nationally oriented company with an unwavering appreciation of clients and trucker's needs.


In 2015 we started with a brokerage firm and started covering loads as a 3PL company as we are new, we had put a lot of effort and hard work.


In 2017 after completing two years in the market we set up another sister company that is asset-based and we have our own trucks to cover loads.


In 2019 we added a new service which makes the company big and more clients. Stated giving paperwork services to truckers on a single call.

Auto Transport

By 2020 we started another service call Auto transport in the USA within 49 states. With all our other services.